Too many opinions

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There is a difference between a second opinion and polling the entire office. The saying, “too many cooks in the kitchen, spoils the broth” is just as true in business and PR as cooking.

A second opinion allows you to verify a decision, however, polling the office can keep you from making a decision in the first place. It is inevitable that if there are six people choosing between two items, three will likely choose option A and three option B, leaving you to make the final decision. You won’t make everyone happy.

Polling the entire office or department also takes time. Time you could be spending doing better research or figuring out exactly what you want to accomplish.

Too many opinions can also talk you out of the best decision. Those you are asking may not fully understand the scope of the project or exactly what you hope to get out of it. Your co-workers may not have your best interests in mind.

If you do choose to get a second opinion, be sure to have clear, concise answers to the following:

  • who is the target audience
  • what the scope of the project is
  • why you are looking for a second opinion

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