Stop Dwelling on Little Mistakes

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Consider this a follow-up to my prior post of learning to laugh at yourself.

I make lots of little mistakes. Or so I think. A gaffe here and a misspoken or misused word there. Over the course of a day those little faux pas add up.

The truth is, no one likely noticed these little mishaps, but me. Yes, realizing I mispronounced a word makes me feel dumb and think I look dumb, but the person I was having a conversation with probably didn’t even notice.

Here’s where just letting it go should begin.

This article in Oprah Magazine has some good pointers on just letting things go because “Ruminating regularly often leads to depression.”

For those whom the article dubs “overthinkers” perfectionism leads to obsessing over minute details that didn’t go perfectly. Learning to let things that are insignificant in the grand scheme of things takes an effort and seems difficult at first, but is worth it. You’ll feel less stressed and happier.

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