Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

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To tell someone about a grammar or spelling error or not to tell, is one tough question with no right or wrong answer.

I’ve found it all depends on your personal relationship with the person and whether or not you think they would take it personally.

For some, having these mistakes pointed out is akin to that dreaded elementary school spelling test or the red ink filled paper from college. It doesn’t have to feel that way.

I am the first to admit, I’m not perfect. While I write for a living, I know I often need an editor. I’ve had people politely point out errors on this blog and make sure I have at least one other person look over any material that leaves the office. I really appreciate having the chance to change mistakes.

Maybe it is the years of journalism editors or turning a story in at deadline only to have the copy editors go through the copy after I’ve left for the day, but the point is I don’t take it personally when someone points out an error.

Most of the people I polled informally on Twitter agree if done politely, even by a stranger, pointing out a mistake is welcome.

The difference comes in how the stranger points it out.

“I think I’d be ok if it were a private message,” said Rachel Lawley, an Interactive Communications Manager who works as a consultant in business development.

No matter who points out the mistake or how they do it, unless they are wrong or rude, most people I polled said they would change the mistake.

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