Ornament wreath




This project looked so easy. And with the ornaments I got on sale at Target after Christmas, I thought it was the perfect late winter project: create a Mizzou ornament wreath for the front door, because in our house, we bleed black and gold. But let me tell you the truth: making an ornament wreath is HARD. It takes lots more glue than you think it would. Plus, hot glue burns hurt. Take my advice, leave the ornament wreath making to the pros or at least those on Etsy.

But if you don’t want to heed my warning, here are the steps to making this yourself.

Step 1: untwist a wire hanger (the kind from the dry cleaner) and bend it into an oval or a circle if you’d prefer.

Step 2: carefully thread your ornaments onto the wire hanger:




Try not to break any. But don’t be too sad if you do. I broke at least five.

Step 3: Continue alternating colors and try to get some of each color on the inside and the outside. This is also where the hot glue comes in. Make sure as you’re adding the ornaments that you are hot glueing them together. This step wasn’t in the initial instructions and would have saved me breaking a few ornaments as I tried to move them around each other.



Step 4: retwist the hanger together again without breaking any of the ornaments. If you’re an overachiever like me, add an old garden flag to the back with more hot glue.

Step 5: Use a ribbon to hide the bare spots.


Step 5: hang from a door hanger. From a distance it doesn’t looked like a failed project. Except that it’s lopsided.