The easiest wreath ever

updated easiest wreath ever
Update: With a little hot glue, some wooden numbers from Michael’s, the easiest wreath ever is now even better. Adding the numbers wasn’t quite as east as I thought it would be, turns out the wreath isn’t exactly flat and adding hot glue sometimes means the glue leaks between the openings in the wreath. I found the best way to attach the numbers was to figure out the placement, flip the wreath over and see where the numbers touched the wreath and then add hot glue on the back of the number near those spots. And to use more hot glue than you think you need.

I’m not the most crafty person. In fact, Pinterest is nearly a banned word in our house. Mostly because as soon as I say, “I saw it on Pinterest,” or “Pinterest made it look easy!” J rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Even C doubts my craftiness. And both are for good reason. All but a couple of projects have turned into a giant mess. But this one, was so simple! It only took about 10 minutes and turned out really well.

Here’s what you need
Wreath: your choice on the size. I think mine was about 18 inches.
wreathWire: to attach the flowers to the wreath. I went with the Naturally Wired so that if the wire showed, it looked like part of the wreath. But others (the helpful people at Joann Fabrics for example) swear by the green wire.


Flowers: I like hydrangeas (they were in my wedding bouquet!) so I just bought a bunch silk ones from Joann’s when they were on sale.


This part is pretty easy. Before you get out your wire cutters, place the flowers on the wreath where you think you want them. Look at it from a few different angles. Do you need more leaves? Less leaves? More flowers? The nice part about using wire rather than hot glue to attach the flowers is that you can change it pretty easily.
Once you have the placement decided, cut the flower off the stem using the wire cutters. If you want to add the leaves, cut the leaves off the stem too, of if they’re the pop off kind, pop them off. Then cut about 18 inches of the wire for wrapping. Note: if your wreath is bigger, you might want a longer piece. As the helpful Joann’s lady said, you can always make it shorter, it’s a lot harder to make it longer.
Start by wrapping the end of the wire around the back of the wreath. Then either weave the wire around the back of the flower (for example if you’re using a daisy, go around the plastic on the back) or if you’re using a hydrangea like I did, separate the blooms and wrap the wire around the wreath and the blooms in a criss cross pattern. Then tighten the wire. If you are using roses, use the same method for the daisies, just know you’ll have less flower to work with. I then tucked the leaves in under the wire where I thought they would look best.
Repeat the same wrapping method until all the flowers are attached.
Then you’re done! If you want to add another element on the other side try an initial or your house number. I like the simplicity of just the flowers.