Does smart = cool?

What’s the point of a blog if you never take a chance or make a statement? As I’ve pondered that question lately, I kept coming back to another one, is it finally cool to be smart?

I’ll admit, I wasn’t always on the smart is cool bandwagon. I personally play both sides depending on the audience and what I hope to achieve. Sometimes, it’s better to let someone think you’re dumb, out of touch or let that person believe they are the smartest in the room than to argue or make waves. Other times, nothing is greater than outwitting someone or proving you’re more than, in my case, a dumb blonde.

With the popularity of smart funny shows on the major television networks, I hope the real trend is that it is finally ok for anyone to be smart.

I hope to begin playing the dumb blonde card less. The truth is I like being smart. I like knowing obscure facts and participating in intelligent discourse. It’s nice to be taken seriously once in a while.

But all that pales in comparison to how much I enjoy having smart friends. The subtle language competition. The double entendres. The sheer awe at the brilliance of the person sitting next to you. The knowing that while a curse word adds emphasis, the right word, in the right tone can cut deeper or soothe faster.

Not to mention, I’d like to show my friends children, particularly my friend’s daughters, that you can be both cool and smart. That wit and intelligence can be as beautiful as the perfect face. In turn, I hope this reiterates that you can and moreover, should be appreciated for your smarts as much as your looks.

Is smart really cool?