Intreview Checklist

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I never thought I’d have to write this post, but in the last few days several soon-to-be college graduates have asked for this information.

All of them know to wear a well-fitting, tailored suit, sensible shoes and to look polished. They know to bring extra copies of their resume and cover letter in a professional portfolio or at least a manila folder. Most of them know to bring a note card to write a thank you note immediately after the interview. But after that, they’re not sure.

In your briefcase or purse, you should have the following:

  • stain stick (Tide makes a great one)
  • breath freshener (gum, mint, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you’ve discarded of it BEFORE the interview begins.)
  • two pens
  • note pad (you might not bring it out during the interview, but as soon as you get to your car write down key fact and details. Hint: This is also good for penning a draft of the thank you note.)
  • umbrella (I’ve personally been caught in a downpour before an interview. The umbrella saved my jacket and kept me from looking completely drenched)
  • lip balm
  • bandaids
  • tissues
  • safety pins
  • double-sided tape (great for rescuing a dropped hemline)
  • extra pair of hose for the ladies (a run is never good)
  • comb or brush in case the wind messes up your hair
  • small bottle of hand sanitizer (but do not pull this out in front of the interviewer)

What else would you add?