Stop dialing on speakerphone plus nine more bad habits

This complaint was recently brought to my attention by a colleague and then appeared in the timely 10 Annoying Work Habits That Can Get You Fired on the Nest (another unusual resource for work-related advice).

In a small office setting, cubicles or not, this is one bad habit sure to drive your co-workers crazy.

There are cases where speakerphone is necessary, conference call, working with someone on a dual project that involves typing to designing. But even then, you should never, ever dial on speakerphone.

The other terrible habits listed in the article are just as important:

  1. You are on your Blackberry or iPhone during meetings. Want to know why your meetings take forever? Why you’re always out of the loop? Why your co-workers give you nasty looks? It’s your Angry Birds addiction. Or your email addiction. Or your just plain phone addiction. This doesn’t make you look busy or important, being on your phone during a meeting makes you look like it isn’t important to you.
  2. You don’t respond to emails. This is just inexcusable.
  3. You’re always complaining about how busy you are. See points from #1 as they apply here. Everyone’s plate is full.
  4. You’re late to meetings. See #2.
  5. You toot your own horn in front of everyone. There are times where it is necessary to gloat, a little. Take a cue from your co-workers. How do they celebrate little wins? Do they tell a few select people? Keeping track of your accomplishments in a word file or another accessible format will help you in a raise or review situation. Boasting won’t.
  6. You primp at your desk. Or shave. Or other grooming habits. Unless your job requires make-up or to look a certain way, take a bathroom break to freshen up. Doing this at your desk signifies that again your time is much more valuable than your co-workers.
  7. You leave messes everywhere. You desk, probably ok. Leaving dishes in the sink or food on a communal table, will not only prompt a mean email throughout the office directed at the person who can’t take care of their dishes, but be honest, it isn’t a secret who it is.
  8. When you have a problem with a coworker, you go to the boss first. Your co-workers aren’t your siblings. You don’t need to tattle on them. Don’t be afraid to try to be reasonable. Only after reasoning with the person directly has not yielded any results is it appropriate to go to your boss.
  9. You talk too loudly on the phone. Need anything else be said about this?

What would you add to the list?