Leap of Faith: Part Duex

Photo from Mike Todd Waving or Drowning?
Some of you may remember my Leap of Faith post here from the beginning of March. I’m happy to report, it was worth it!

While nothing solid has come of this rekindled connection, it has potential to be beneficial for everyone involved. That alone made the fear and possible rejection worthwhile.

The response to my outreach was so much more than I hoped it would be. It’s always a wonderful feeling to be remembered, especially by those who you think have long forgotten you.

It’s never too late to dig up those old business cards and just say hello. If you can find a current connection, that’s better. However, simply saying, “I was going through an old drawer and found your business card and wanted to say you left an impression on me” might be more than enough.

I write when and where I met the person on the back of the card, just in case. You never know who might be a great resource or connection in the future.

Leap of Faith

Do you remember that scene in Indiana Jones where he throws dirt into the air to reveal the hidden bridge? I feel like I’ve been taking those kinds of jumps a little more often lately. It started with Twitter and reaching out to people I’ve never met. Then, it was accepting advice and guidance from those experts.


Today it meant trying to rekindle a relationship that I was forced to terminate without explanation nearly four years ago. At the time, I was under an explicit, non-compete contract. Yes, I probably could have gotten away with doing some freelance work for this company, but at the time, I didn’t want to risk it. In retrospect, I would have handled that entire situation differently, but I can’t change it now. I can only move forward.

I saw this as an opportunity to pitch myself without a lot of repercussions. The worst I can be told is no, they are not interested. Besides, I figure the more experience I get pitching myself for freelance projects, the better I will get at it and the more natural it will become.

How are you taking leaps of faith in your career? Does it get easier?