I’ll keep running


Like the One More Mile photo above, I wasn’t at Boston. I’ll probably never qualify for Boston. I didn’t even get to run yesterday. But several of my loved ones were there, some as runners but more as spectators supporting runners. And even if I had no personal connection to the horrific events, I’d still feel like my family was attacked.

That’s the thing about runners. Running might be an individual sport, but all runners are a team. We might be fiercely competitive on the course, but as soon as each of us cross the finish line, we turn around and cheer for the rest. We walk next to those with cramped muscles. Carry injured strangers and friends to help even after running a race ourselves.

I know a few dedicated runner friends who’ve said they just can’t imagine lacing up their racing flats and starting another race. And my heart breaks for them. I also won’t lie, the thought of hanging up my shoes crossed my mind. I’m scheduled to run a half marathon on May 25 and there is a bit more fear and panic than was 24 hours ago. But I know for me to feel in control and like I’m doing something I have to run.

I have to run for friends and family and more importantly for myself. I can’t let fear get in the way of the finish line.

Running Shoes
Running Shoes

Office chitchat guidelines

Editor’s Note: This post is thanks to Cara H. She gave an excellent presentation at Career Day this past weekend and included this excellent information.

You are going to talk to your co-workers. You will spend eight hours a day, five days a week with them for years if you are lucky. To keep the environment positive and keep everyone comfortable, here are some topics to avoid discussing from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.or whenever your usual work hours fall:

  • Your love life. (this includes marriages, divorces, new and old relationships, etc.)
  • Love life troubles. (If you’re following rule one, this shouldn’t be a problem.)
  • Financial issues. (Including: what an item you’re wearing cost, use your judgment here.)
  • Weekend plans. (Especially if they include parties, etc.)
  • Your salary.
  • Health. (see previous post on TMI at work.)
  • That you are looking for a new job.

Good, usually harmless topics to discuss:

  • New home
  • New appliances
  • Home repairs
  • Pets
  • Joining a gym or workout plans
  • Dinner plans (as in what you are cooking, not where you are going.)

Obviously, this list is incomplete and depends more on your work environment than anything else. In some offices, discussing that awesome purse you got for $10 would be appropriate, but discussing your Prada shoes, not so much.

What  would you add to the list?