Tool jumping

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Many of us, in PR or not, are obsessed with the next best thing. We’re often willing to try a new product, software or program just to be one of the first to try it. Maybe it’s all the swag bags and promos we send out on behalf of our clients, but it is likely something more: wanting to be part of the newest, best thing first. Be it for bragging rights or to fill the constant need to keep up.

There is nothing wrong with trying new things, but constantly jumping from one new tool to another new tool never allows you to really get to know how to use the tool properly. And if the tool is for example, Facebook and you didn’t stick around for long, you wouldn’t know how to use all of the features. Facebook looks very different from what it did in 2004.

On the flip side, there is also no shame with sticking with the first tool that works for you. If you find using MySpace is great for your brand and gives you good results, keep at it!

If you are delving into a new space, like a Twitter application, don’t be afraid to rely on an expert or reliable resource to advise you on the few tools they rank highly. I know without doing this, I would have never discovered Hootsuite, to which I am now addicted. Are there newer, shinier tools out there? Probably. But this is good enough for me.

When good enough isn’t good enough anymore, then I’ll seek out a new tool. In the mean time, I’ll enjoy getting to know the tricks and short cuts associated with the one I’m using.