Misinterpreted News Stories

The longer I work in a cubicle, the more I realize the cast of characters is the same no matter where you work.

Do you have that person in your office that reads/watches/listens to the news but some how gets the story completely wrong and then tries to use it as a conversation starter? Or doesn’t believe it has been updated (for example MTV banning Lady Gaga’s newest video, or that coffee is as bad as soda for your liver—neither are true)?

I used to try to bite my tongue, but lately it’s gotten so constant that I can’t. I Google the story he insists is true, only to prove it isn’t. Despite this evidence, he still insists the initial story is true and adamantly believes it!

I feel bad for proving this person wrong regularly. I am not trying to make him look stupid, because he isn’t. There’s just something about spreading wrong information that infuriates me.