Three Things

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Quick, name three things you like about your job!

Mine would be: the work, the people and the opportunities to try new things.

If you can’t list three, list two, or at least just one. Sometimes all it takes to see that your 9 to 5 (or longer!) isn’t THAT bad, is a bit of perspective.

Maybe you like where you live or work, so you can add location to the list. Maybe your boss brings in bagels once in a while or you have a regular coffee date with your work bestie. Maybe there’s that one person who always compliments you or is just pleasant to be around.

Make additions often. Soon you’ll have five things you like about your job. Revisit the list when you’re having one of those days or when you need to be reminded why things are actually pretty good.

But, if you can’t list just one thing you like about your job, start actively looking for something else.