Stitch Fix October Box

I was too optimistic. After keeping the dress (and wearing it regularly) from July’s Stitch Fix box, I was excited to schedule my October box. (Plus thanks to some really great friends who had much better luck than I did, I had a credit to use.) I was very careful in what I requested from the box. I wanted an outfit to wear for Miss A’s second birthday photos. I requested the colors coral, grey and navy.  I checked and rechecked my sizing and fix requests and was excited when the stylist referenced my extensive feedback and my note for this fix.

First thoughts: This box has potential. I LOVED the booties when I opened them and immediately put them on. Turns out, I’ve never owned a pair of booties and these were perfect! Fairly flat and right height. Then I opened the rest of the box and was increasingly disappointed. I specifically requested a sweater and in the Midwest, a cardigan does not constitute a sweater. The box only contained cardigans, a dress and a pair of jeggings. While I’m all for jeggings when done well, these could not have fit me worse. So much so that I decided all photos from here on out would be the clothes on the hangers

img_5986 img_5987Item: LIVERPOOL Mira Skinny Jean
Look suggestions:
My opinion: Too loose in the wrong places and too tight in the others. I felt like a busted can of croissants. The lycra made the material comfortable, but the cut was all wrong for me.
Verdict: sent back!

Item: DV8 Bria Wedge Bootie
Look suggestions:
My opinion: I so wanted to love these and I did, until I realized they were too big. What I initially thought was comfortable was actually my foot sliding forward. I nearly twisted an ankle after wearing these shoes for just a few minutes.
Verdict: sent back!

img_5993Item:  41HAWTHORN Chantel Open Cardigan
Look suggestions:
My opinion: This was promising, but was just too casual. The pattern was reminiscent of pajamas and it was not flattering.
Verdict: sent back!
Item: EMILY ROSE Martyn Textured Cardigan
Look suggestions:
My opinion: In college, I briefly learned to crochet. This cardigan looked an awful lot like a “shawl” I tried to make for my sister. The material wasn’t very soft and the cut was also not made for someone my shape. I am so curious how this looks on other ladies. I’m sure on the right person it looks fantastic, but it looked hideous on me.
Verdict: sent back!
Item: PIXLEY Millie Textured Knit Dress
Look suggestions:
My opinion: This dress had so much promise! It was a cut that I usually love and the weight was perfect for fall. The problem was twofold: first, the pattern didn’t line up and emphasized my least favorite features and second, even worse, the hem and seam were already unraveling! SO much promise, so little execution.
img_5991 img_5992Verdict: sent back!

Final thoughts: I couldn’t have been more disappointed. I might ask for a box of just shoes for my final box. But I’ll have to work up some extra courage to try again. I have to wonder how many stylists work with different body types.

Update October 25: 
StitchFix reached out to me after the post and offered to refund the stylist fee. I’m happy with the customer service and the willingness to stand behind their service.