Dining Room updates

This project is taking quite a bit longer than originally anticipated.

Here’s what it looked like before we moved in:
Ashford dining @ Ashford diningWe decided we hated the chair rail, so we started removing it. Luckily, I discovered that the original installer never caulked the underside so removing it was pretty easy with a paint scraper and a hammer for leverage. We were really thrilled the day it all went out to the trash.
IMG_5081 IMG_5080 But then, not so great things happened and the paint above the chair rail started bubbling and peeling. In the worst place, this happened:
IMG_5215 IMG_5214After consulting with the following people: my dad, the amazingly wonderful contractor who does great things and the internet, I have learned it looks worse than it is and it’s very much repairable. (Thanks YouTube!) Apparently, it is officially torn drywall brown paper.

So what we will be doing to repair it is the following:

  1. sand it down to the best of our ability using a hand sander
  2. applying peel bond (or something similar) with a roller
  3. Drywall/sheetrock repair “mud”
  4. then paint

This all means it will take a lot longer than one weekend to get this done.

Count of rooms left to paint: 4 (not including the basement)
Count of rooms we have paint for: 4 (but we aren’t completely settled on one, so really 3 and an extra gallon)

Wish us luck!

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