Removing stickers

sticker ruined shirt
It was bound to happen. Toddlers love stickers, which means stickers end up on everything. I also love stickers, so it should not come as a surprise that the first time a sticker went through the washer and the dryer was on one of my dry-fit athletic race shirts.

J was convinced I’d ruined the shirt. I was less convinced.

I was less convinced because we used to label Miss A’s bottles with label maker stickers. Even the plastic ones would eventually fail after multiple washings and we would be left with the sticker residue on the outside of the bottle.

Someone really smart (if it was you, please say so!) once told me to use a stickier item to remove stickers. I immediately thought of duct tape. When it removed the sticker residue from the bottles in one try. I guessed the same process would work for my race shirt. Or I’d destroy it forever. Worth a try!

Items needed:

  • Ruined shirt
  • Duct tape

Cut a length of duct tape at least twice as long as the sticker residue. place duct tape on top of the sticker and rub.
Removing sticker residue from shirt
Lift the duct tape and peel the sticker off.
Removing stickers from athletic shirt
Repeat using a clean area of the duct tape until all of the sticker residue is removed.


Sticker residue removed

2 thoughts on “Removing stickers

    1. I wasn’t sure either and decided if the duct tape didn’t work then I would try something like goo Gone. I was worried about the leftover non-sticky but very greasy residue. Not to mention, Goo Gone says hard surfaces.
      Hope all is well!

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