World’s best hot chocolate

hot chocolate

I’m celebrating a miracle today. I survived a serious car accident in a blizzard without a scratch. Rather than my usual celebratory alcoholic drink, I’ve chosen to make the hot chocolate we usually have at Christmas. This hot chocolate can be made in a crock pot, though this time I used the stove. It’s simple, delicious and better than Starbuck’s any day.

1/2 cup dry baking cocoa (Hershey’s is fine!)
12 oz can sweetened condensed milk
1/8 teaspoon salt (I just used a pinch or two)
7 1/2 cups water (more if you like your hot chocolate less thick)
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla (eyeball it)

I have found it is easiest if you put the cocoa in the pot, then add the sweetened condensed milk.
hot chocolate

Stir to combine (it should look like chocolate caramel).

hot chocolate

Add the salt and the vanilla.  Then add hot water. Stir it together. Pour into cups and enjoy.
hot chocolate

My opinion:
I love this comforting drink. It’s perfect on a snowy day and best consumed with friends and family.

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