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It’s ok to let paperwork go. Be it electronic or actual paper, it’s ok to hit delete or send to the shredder. Believe me, it will leave you feeling relieved and less cluttered.

Recently my office had shred week. What a great concept! Go through files and paperwork and put it in a bin to be shredded. They even let us bring in paper from home to add to the pile.

I took full advantage of this offer. I finally shredded documents from 2005 and before. Nothing important of course, but those items that were important but aren’t anymore. Old notes, gone. Old mail and such, gone.

At first it made me nervous, what if I need this again? I probably won’t. What was I doing keeping all that paperwork anyway? It was just taking up space.

I used these Guidelines for Shredding and Saving Personal Documents from Looking through the list assuaged my fears that I might need something again.

As 2010 nears the end, consider cleaning out those super-stuffed file folders and inbox overflow. You won’t regret it.

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