There’s a difference between being liked and tolerated

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You may be the best at your job and produce excellent results, but if your co-workers don’t like you as a person, you may be the first to be shown the door in a layoff situation.

Maybe you’re the top seller or the person your company brings in to close deals, but if you’re quicker with a terse criticism (no matter how funny) than a compliment, be prepared to pack your desk if the company’s earnings take a nose dive.

There a huge difference between being liked and being tolerated. If your supervisors are just tolerating your interpersonal behavior because of your value to the company, you’re at risk.

The answer isn’t to suck up to everyone in the office or to be fake, but instead be genuinely interested in your co-workers or at least in their work lives. If you aren’t comfortable joining everyone for happy hour, don’t. But try to invite some of them to lunch occasionally.  Be nice! It is ok to be known as the funny one as long as it isn’t always at the expense of your co-workers.

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