Do you suffer from phone envy?


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There is no reason to be envious of your co-worker, best friend or sibling’s new phone. (Full disclosure: I now use an iPhone for work and it has changed how I communicate with friends and family, I’m now more likely to respond to e-mail and texts quicker.)


If you really look at what you use your cell phone for, you can pare down expenses easily.

For those who use their phones to mostly text and call people, you don’t need a Droid. If you’re never used a GPS and don’t need to be constantly connected to the internet, you don’t need an iPhone. If your office doesn’t expect you to respond to e-mail after hours, you don’t need a Blackberry.

Did you notice a theme in the above sentences? Need. That’s right, separating needs from wants will not only keep you from owning a phone with features you’ll never use, but will probably save you money on your monthly phone bill.

Do you agree?

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