Be a good interview subject

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Everyone has a different opinion on what makes a good interview. As a former journalist, I always thought interviews were successful when I got the information I needed, no one cried, and I didn’t get threatened.

Turns out from the subject’s perspective, it’s a little different. Did I ramble? Did I provide too much information? Will the interviewer even use any of this?

Obviously a successful phone interview is very different from an on camera interview, but aside from the medium, how the subject handles the interview also varies depending on the product. In TV, I know to use the magical 10 word answer, not ramble and pause occasionally. But in print, those rules don’t apply.

A quick Google search reveals pages and pages of tips on how to give a good interview. The bottom line is to be prepared, be enthusiastic and be genuine. In most situations, these three things will keep you out of trouble and quickly give the interviewer the information they need.

What other suggestions do you have for giving a good interview?

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