You know you LOVE your job when:

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  • You don’t mind taking a call after hours and not just because spending five minutes to solve the issue now will save you a half hour of fixing it later.
  • You check your work e-mail at least once in the evening (via smart phone counts! Double points if you respond!) and several times over the weekend.
  • You attend “optional” work related functions, happily.
  • You rarely leave on time because you want to just finish this one thing.
  • You find yourself planning ahead for tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.
  • Even when you don’t feel 100 percent, (but aren’t contagious!) you go into the office.
  • You feel like you make a difference.
  • You are regularly too busy working to remember to eat lunch until your stomach growls.
  • You look forward to meetings.
  • You make it a point to walk around the office and say hello to people you haven’t seen in a few days.
  • You learn something new every day.

The number one reason I know I really love my job and the organization is when even my parents are sick of hearing how wonderful everything is and how much happier I am.

What about you? How do you know when you love your job?

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