J’s Biscuit Beignets

Otherwise known as my favorite breakfast.

One 12-oz. can refrigerated buttermilk biscuits
Vegetable oil
powdered sugar

Separate biscuits into individual rounds, and cut into quarters. Pour whole container of oil into the deepest saucepan you have (or as much as will fit with about 2 inches left from the top). Drop in biscuits and fry until golden brown and float to the top (We can fit in four at a time in our saucepan). Drain on paper towels, and dust generously with powdered sugar. Serve immediately.

UPDATE: J adapted this from a Food Network recipe he found (not Southern Living as I previously thought).

My Opinion:
As I previously mentioned, this is one of my most favorite breakfasts. It is super easy to make and clean up (so long as you don’t get powdered sugar every where). J and I have found we can reuse the vegetable oil up to four times before we need a new bottle.

4 thoughts on “J’s Biscuit Beignets

  1. I have seen Guy Fieri make these on Guy’s Big Bite – nice to know they taste as good as they look on TV! He shakes them in a bag with cinnamon sugar after they’ve drained on the paper towels and cooled a little…

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