Frustrated by New Technology

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I’m all for upgrades, new products and inventions. While, I’ve never lusted after a new iPhone or laptop, I understand the appeal.

Now that I am finally joining the 21st Century and have a real smartphone for work, I am equally elated and frustrated.

For years I’ve kept my life on my Palm. First a Palm Pilot and then on a Palm Centro. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with a phone as I was when I learned that my new Centro would do all the things my old Palm did and be a real, working phone. This is where the problem began. From what I, and some of my much more tech savvy friends, can tell there is no simple or easy way to transfer all of my photos, contacts, calendar and lists to the iPhone. Which makes me want to cry.

I will figure something out. Between my smarter friends and Google an answer will appear. I just wish transferring all of the information was just as easy as getting a new phone.

There. I feel better.

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