First Day of Work

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Ask just about anyone you know and they will tell you the first day at a new job is like the first day of school. In addition to learning where you’ll work, where the bathrooms are and where the cafeteria is, you’ll meet people and you should be the person you want to be. I disagree with the metaphor.

If you’ve done your homework and kept in touch with your future supervisor during the transition, you know exactly what is expected of you on the first day. You know what the dress code is, what time to show up and if you are lucky if you need to bring a lunch or not.

As for meeting people, of course first impressions are important, but the people you meet will also want to give the best first impression. I suggest being relaxed and polite and yourself. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t, that approach never works out in the long run.

A successful first day at a new job takes a little planning. Set the alarm a few minutes early, or even a full half hour. Over dress a little. If everyone else in the office is dressed up for your first day, you do not want to be under dressed. Take a few extra moments before you walk out the door to remember that they hired you. You belong there. I don’t suggest being cocky, but simply confidant. When you arrive, be friendly. Make eye contact. Say hello and try to remember everyone’s names. You might be more successful than you thought!

Don’t be afraid to be lost or not know an answer. Ask for directions and ask for help. Everyone in the office has some knowledge that you need, even if it is only where the bathrooms are located.

Relax and above all else, be friendly. Soon you will know the ins and outs of the office. Until then enjoy the opportunities as they arise and use this as a chance to get to know everyone without any preconceived notions.

3 thoughts on “First Day of Work

  1. Aurora, this is great advice. I believe sometimes it’s worth reminding ourselves of some of those tips even after being with a company for a while. It is nice to get to know people without preconceived perceptions, etc.

    I’ve been so put-off by certain folks on my first days with a couple of previous employers, who try to “tell me how it is” with certain people or with the job or company. Not only is it tacky but it’s insulting. Do these people actually think I’m going to like or not like someone because a person I just met said I should? Are you saying I’m not adult enough to figure things out for myself (even if those issues do prove to be true)? They don’t know who I am and they’re going to jump in and tell me all the bad points about the company, this position I’m in or certain people on the first day? If their “warnings” do anything at all, it shows me their true colors right off the bat!

    Whoo – I’m off my soap box LOL

    1. Rachel,
      I completely agree and am glad you were able to find value in the post. People change and grow and I think deserve more than one chance to make a good impression. You never know who might have a shared interest that they didn’t have before.
      Thank you again for sharing your thoughts!

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