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A checklist ensure you don’t forget anything. For me, it is also a way to make sure every item gets accomplished. Not to mention, there is something reassuring about crossing things off a checklist. In your final days with your employer, it is imperative that you complete your required tasks and get essential information to assist you with your transition.

This is checklist I’ve compiled from various websites. I’ve listed the most relevant items. Your personal checklist should look different from this and should include specific projects and additional details.

Prior to your last day:
•Turn in a detailed description of your additional daily activities not mentioned in your job description to your supervisor. This givers your supervisor an opportunity to ask for clarification or suggest you add additional information.
•Schedule a meeting with your HR representative
•Begin to let co-workers and clients know you are leaving.

On Your Last Day:
•Make sure all work is caught up and responsibilities are up to date
•Calculate accrued unused vacation time to be paid in final pay check
•Meet with your HR person to discuss benefits and exit interview (You should receive information on COBRA and your insurance and 401k in this interview)
•Determine where your final paycheck should be sent
•Turn in security card, keys, business cards and nameplate
•Turn in any and all electronic items and other property
•Clean work area and remove personal belongings
•Determine who you will give your contact information to and then discretely do this.

Again, I can’t stress enough that through this entire process, you should remain professional and positive. You never know when you will need to contact your previous employer.

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