Staying Organized at Work

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I freely admit I’m a bit OCD. I like to have paper lists and electronic lists. I prefer to keep copies of paperwork for years just in case I might need it again some day. This has been worth it a few times, but really it just leaves a lot of clutter. Unless you have a really good system.

At home, I use pretty filing cabinets and file mail and such at least once a month if not once a week. At work, I make sure to file regularly and not let papers clutter my desk top.

I have check lists galore. Projects that need to be completed ASAP, projects that are on the back burner and projects not yet started. This way, I always have something to work on. I just make sure to check in with my supervisor regularly to make sure my list is still accurate.

Keeping a paper calendar with deadlines in my line of vision is very helpful for me to visualize how much time I have left on a project. While an electronic calendar (which I am a huge proponent of as indicated here), can send you reminders, some times the visual cue is the best way to reinforce a deadline.

I also love sticky notes. If I need to remind myself of something really quick or a point I don’t want to forget, I jot it down on a sticky note. I probably go through a stack every couple of weeks. The bright colors and fun shaped ones are my favorite.

What are some of the ways you keep organized and on task at work?

3 thoughts on “Staying Organized at Work

  1. Now, I KNOW we share the same brain. I am an organization freak.

    Have you heard of Just downloaded it last week to my home and work computer and my android phone. Subscribed to their blog. Oh the possibilities!


    1. Karen,
      If great minds think alike, we must be brilliant! I have not heard of evernote, but I will be checking it out this afternoon. Thanks for the recommendation!
      I hope all is well!
      I look forward to catching up soon!

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