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Most of us have desk jobs. We sit for at least eight hours a day. Personally, I noticed a difference in my health and happiness when I went from carefree college student to desk dweller. No more walking to and from class. No more general running around. I had no idea how much that change in activity was going to affect me.

The first step in any process is to acknowledge there needs to be a change. I once worked at a great location that had a locker room complete with shower. That allowed me to run a few miles over lunch and not be too gross to sit next to for the next four hours.

That kind of set up is an anomaly. Sure there are a few places where there’s a gym on site or where one is within super close distance to he office, but that really isn’t feasible for me. I can’t get there, work out, shower and get back in only 60 minutes.

My solution was to make working out after work a priority. It’s made a difference, but there’s still that antsy feeling I get when I sit too long typing away at a computer. We had a walking group for about a week, until the timing didn’t work with everyone’s schedule. I realized it is entirely up to me to try to be active (without sweating) at work.

I brought in a swiss ball. I’ve brought in hand weights and bands. I intend to spend my two allotted 15 minute breaks lifting weights. I hope this helps that antsy feeling. I’ve heard it can also help with concentration and can wake you up more than a cup of coffee.

How do you keep fit (or not) at the office?

3 thoughts on “Working out at Work

  1. I would love to go to the gym over my lunch hour but time simply does not allow for a good workout, getting ready and transportation. With the position I’m in now, I especially have no slack when it comes to lunch as someone else has to cover for me when I’m gone. To make up for eight hours of inactivity, I not only work out 4 days a week but I also try to get at least a 15 minute walk in over lunch. When weather allows, I walk to work. I also may or may not do a set of squats every time I go to the bathroom…Even still, I find myself getting ansty and resent spending all day at my desk.

    How do your coworkers react when you are sitting on a swiss ball or lift weights over break?

    1. Stephanie,
      No one has really said anything. The exercise ball was the easiest. It makes me a little shorter and I have to look up at my computer screen, but it really helps my posture. I can feel a difference. As for the weights, no one has said anything either. It isn’t as if I am walking around the office with them. I am just sitting at my desk discretely using them. Of course, if someone were to complain, I would stop. I may have to try that squat trick!
      I would love to be able to walk to work, sadly, it just isn’t realistic given where I live and where my office is, maybe some day!

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