I enjoy writing. But lately it has become more of an item to cross off my to-do list than something that excites me. I’ve set aside the children’s book I’ve been working on for about a decade to focus on more tangible projects, but every day I get more and more un-inspired and completing those projects just become less fun.

A quick Google search indicates that “blogger’s block” and “writer’s block” plague everyone at some time. There are thousands of tips for battling each. No one tip will work for everyone and many are implausible. I know I can’t go for a run or take a nap when writer’s block creeps in at work.

What has worked for me is getting riled up about a topic (related to the current project or not) and writing my thoughts and opinions, even for just a few moments. I may not be inspired to finish the project or the book, but seeing words on a page makes me feel better.

I’d love to hear your tips (even the implausible ones!) for defeating writer’s block.

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