Easy headband and headband holder

It’s no secret I love headbands. Before Blair Waldorf made them popular again, I wore a headband all the time. But before the other day, I never made one. I was shocked at how simple it was.

I started by getting a plain plastic headband (metal would work too). Then I put the fabric. I wanted to cover it around it (inside out) and used straight pins to pin it down. Then I got out the needle and thread and sewed it together. Then I turned the whole thing inside out and voila! Plain headband!

Since I wanted this to be a gift, I wanted to punch it up a bit more. Using scraps from another project, I added a fabric rose by just wrapping the two scraps around each other.

I then sewed this to the back of the headband using another extra bit of fabric. In retrospect, it would have been easier to hot glue or use fabric glue (I now know the difference!). But the sewing worked just fine.

End result:

The next part of this project was even simpler. Though took it a little more patience because I had to wait for the canister of oatmeal to be empty first. Inspired by this pin, I removed the wrapper, painted the canister with shimmery gold paint and waited for it to dry.

It’s the perfect size for all my headbands and bonus, it keeps the other stuff inside! Hidden storage is pretty awesome.

p.s. I also made the white headband. Equally as simple, the hardest part was tying the bow!

Holiday Crafts: Card board


Every year I try to find a way to display the cards friends and family send us during the holidays. Until this year, I haven’t found something that worked. Inspired by
this pin on Pinterest, I made a very simple card organizer.

All you need is a frame (we got this one at Wal-Mart for super cheap), a glue gun, scissors and ribbon.



Step One: Figure out how many lines across you want to hold the cards. I settled on four, but you might want more or less depending on the size of your frame. I then cut the ribbon to be the right length with a little extra so I could glue it around the back.

Step Two: cut the ribbon and glue.

Unfortunately, J pointed out that what I originally designed wouldn’t work for cards that didn’t fold in half. So I added Step Two and a half: insert a foam board back. I just cut it to be the size the original cardboard back would have been (the frame from Wal-Mart was sans back). Now we can use push pins to hang up cards. Next year, we can pop out the foam board and cover it with wrapping paper to keep reusing it.

Step Three: hang! We chose a closet door near our foyer. To hang, we just used two command strips.


Have you found a good way to display the holiday cards from friends and family?