Texas Style Smoked Brisket

Texas Style Brisket
Sometimes in addition to a delicious Smoked Pork you need a texas style brisket. Between J and his dad, they’ve created the perfect no fail recipe. Yes it takes 10 full hours, but it’s worth it.

trimmed brisket (honestly, we found our at Walmart, the other local grocers were ridiculously overpriced. We went with trimmed because untrimmed you’ll be throwing quite a bit out.)
Salt Lick rub available here.
Olive Oil

Coat the brisket in olive oil, cover with the rub. Smoke for six (yes that is 6) hours at 225 degrees. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees.  Cover the brisket in foil and cook for another four (yes 4) hours. Remove and let cool. Slice thin.

Texas Brisket

S (my bestie from Texas) put this up there with her mother’s recipe. Need I say more?

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Texas Style Smoked Brisket

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