Four Ways To Get Followers To Invest In Your Brand

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A fan is someone who loves your art to the point they will buy it no matter what. Forget about the cost or the design because they are invested and have a deep pull to anything you release. As a business owner, it’s essential to have as many of these followers as possible.

The problem in the 21st century is the phenomenon of fake friends. Take a look at your Facebook account – how many of those people do you actually know? 

Here are four ways to make sure your fans stick with the company through thick and thin.

Ask Them To Invest
Avid followers of brands and businesses have skin in the game. In many circumstances, the success or failure of the company impacts their lives because they have invested (literally) in the firm. When the business turns over a profit, so do they and that’s what makes them pump their hard-earned cash into the SME. Shoppers don’t have the capital to take on the role of an angel investor, yet they can contribute a small amount thanks to crowdsourcing sites. Plus, the likes of Kickstarter help you build an emotional bond with a plea to people to help you fulfill your dreams. Obviously, you’ll want to work with a local accountant and tax attorney to review the implications of this kind of investment. It may not be right for you or your business.

Act Morally
Consumers are less worried about the quality of the product and more bothered about the ethics of the company. Nowadays, most customers can’t get on board with a message with which they disagree. It goes against everything they stand for and makes them uncomfortable inside. Real fans want to see a conscious effort to save the planet and reduce plastic pollution. They also want the organization to treat their employees with respect. For example, an experienced business attorney can help you settle disputes quietly, while an environmental firm can talk you through a green plan. You can even find a way to work on an issue in your community such as homelessness or food insecurity.

Focus On Branding
Apple has one of the biggest fan bases on the planet. Steve Jobs would have had you believe this was down to the quality of the product. In truth, it was a direct result of the marketing plan. Samsung and Huawei are on a par with the iPhone and iPad technologically speaking, and they aren’t as restrictive. Still, most people assume Apple iOS tech is the market leader. Try and find a way to uplift the brand to your base in the same way Apple did with appearing cool and sleek.

Make Them Reliant
Another trick Apple uses is to make their customers reliant. A considerable percentage of the population owns their products, and they are switching up their features to keep shoppers on the hook. New phones won’t work without the latest chargers. Earphone and headphone jacks have been removed and replaced with wireless earbuds and headsets. Because their customers have invested in large numbers, they have to carry on buying out of necessity.

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